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Mobile Apps are Highly Effective, Affordable & Increasingly Popular.

  • hair salon mobile apps

    hair salon mobile apps

    Let’s cut right to the chase: having a mobile app can help you get more customers, book more appointments, and increase revenue. For many small businesses, a mobile app is a great new way to connect with customers and open new marketing channels. But for hair salons and barbershops in particular, mobile apps offer a bunch of great features to boost business cost-effectively.

    Here are our favorites:

    Mobile Reservations

    Customers can fire up your app and access mobile reservations linked directly to your in-house calendar. They can browse open slots and book appointments easily, while on the go. This saves your staff some time on the phone, and makes it simple for customers to get an appointment conveniently, especially if they don’t feel like calling in.

    Appointment Reminders

    You can send current customers reminders of regular appointments through your mobile app. By being proactive, you can likely capture a segment of customers that might have wound up visiting another establishment, or that just let it go too long between appointments. With dedication to securing more frequent appointments, you can increase your yearly revenue per customer (and keep the community from going too shaggy in between cuts).

    Style Libraries

    “I want a trim, but I don’t want anything too drastic . . . and I want to look kind of like Jennifer Lopez, but also sort of with a dash of Martha Stewart, if you know what I mean . . . and did I mention I’m way into punk style now?”

    You could send these people to the salon down the street, just to be mean, but why not offer a style library in your app instead to help them pick out a style? Using a simple photo gallery, you can collect photos of various styles, and have customers browse and select specific haircuts. That way, you can improve communication about styles, and hopefully get some clear guidance about what customers like.

    Customer Photos

    Your app can also have a feature that lets customers take photos and email them to you. This is great for creating a database of customer photos for testimonial purposes, advertising, or just reference. If a customer comes in and can’t remember what was done last summer, but wants the same thing, you’ll have a photo that will tell you exactly what to do.

    Special Offers

    Push notifications (messages that users get notified about on their devices home screen) allow you to drive activity on special promotions, deals, events, and offers. If you ever need to generate revenue during a down time, push notifications allow you to generate interest easily and proactively.

    You can also offer GPS coupons that users unlock when they “check in” to the app at your location. This adds a fun dimension to your business that rewards customers just for visiting your location! Speaking of rewards . . .

    Loyalty Programs

    A mobile app allows you to offer a mobile loyalty program (buy ten cuts, get one free, etc.). You won’t need to print up cards or track anything manually – it’s all done simply through users’ mobile devices. Whenever they make a qualifying purchase, just have them pop open the app and hand you their device. Using your secret code, you can then record the purchase. When the qualifying amount is reached, you’ll know. Pretty easy stuff.


    A mobile app can make referrals easy. With a single click, a user can post to a social media account on Facebook or Twitter about their experience with your business. This allows you to earn new business organically through the networks of existing customers.

    Product Sales

    Gel, paste, wax, clay, or whatever the heck it is you guys are rubbing into our hair these days – you can sell it all through your mobile app. Customers can browse products, submit orders, and make payments easily, helping you open up a new revenue stream.

    The benefits are many and the costs are few – look into making your own app for your salon or barbershop sooner rather than later, though. If you move now, before competitors do, it can still be a distinctive advantage. In the future, as apps become more common, this will be less true.

    Restaurant Apps

    The mobile revolution is creating huge opportunities for an endless variety of industries and players, and restaurants are no exception. Mobile apps, mobile websites, QR codes, and more, are all contributing to the growth of restaurants’ bottom lines.

    Now, each of these things may seem like just another headache, but they lead to real, tangible benefits. By starting up a few simple mobile projects, a restaurant can enjoy more customers, more business, and more revenue. Here are some basic strategies that any restaurant can implement:

    Mobile Apps

    Mobile apps are easy for developers to create and can offer a restaurant an amazing way to boost business, especially from existing customers. For customers that are fans of your restaurant, it’s fairly easy to get them to download your app. (If they need a little push, you can offer them entry into a contest, coupons, or other incentives.)

    After that, you have a lot of choices about what you want your app to do. Apps can allow customers to:

    • View menu items and daily specials

    • Submit orders for delivery or pickup

    • Make reservations

    • Submit comments and feedback

    • Post to your social media profiles

    • Obtain coupons

    • Participate in loyalty and reward programs

    • And more

    All of these functions are geared towards increasing your orders, visits, customer base, buzz, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, revenue.

    While current methods like direct mail and other channels rely on disruption to gain a customer’s attention, an app is something fans can engage with directly and voluntarily. In addition, the convenience of an app can’t be overstated. Our devices are always with us now, and as usage continues to increase, the value of mobile connections and experiences will increase as well.

    Mobile Websites

    If people search for your business on the Web from their devices, and they don’t find a mobile website, you’re in trouble. People tend to quickly flee from sites that aren’t mobile friendly and head right over to competing websites.

    Creating a smooth, simple, functional mobile site, on the other hand, is a great way to open up a new path for customers to find your restaurant.

    Much like an app, a mobile website can serve a number of functions. While some restaurants prefer ultra-basic sites that just have their name and number, it’s possible to create user-friendly mobile sites that perform most of the app functions listed above. Accordingly, mobile app opportunities cannot be ignored, especially by restaurants that are in need of revenue growth.